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ladder to the stars

It is midway through October and I can’t believe it ! Where has this year gone ?? Goodness. Anyways, I am still alive. School and work have been ‘crazytown’ but after my 16.5 hour coma last night I feel as though I have recovered. At least, hopefully, until the end if this semester.

With my first Design Core project handed in, school has definitely gone into full swing. For my next project I have decided to make table lamp of sorts … wish me luck. Here are a few of my proposed sketches, I just hope that I can pull off the idea well enough ! I need to find a good glass cutter somewhere in Vancouver …

Aside from that I did another cover this afternoon in my free time. I really really love this song and am hoping for Lydia and I to do a version when we actually have some free time together ! Its amazing how little we see each other considering we work and live together. We have a coffee date tomorrow night though and I am looking forward to spending some time with my bff.


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