core: info-graphic concepts

The first assignment in my Core Design class is to make an info-graphic about an “Evocative Object” (as based on the book by Shelly Turkle). I chose my vintage sewing machine, which was given to me by my Grandad after my Granny passed away. I am interested in exploring the way in which we feel about not the object itself, but the meaning and memories themselves which are evoked by tangible objects.

Aesthetically I really like my first concept, but I think that it is a little bit too cold and sterile for my subject matter. Though I might keep the idea of the centralized layout and also possibly the reflected sewing machine logo, I will probably try to incorporate more texture and a warmer, lighter color scheme. I would like develop the anatomy idea a little further, possibly by personifying the elements of the machine into human characterisics (ie. a blurb on it’s appearance would be accompanied by an illustration of a human eye, the tactile qualities with a hand, mouth = it’s story, etc.)

In the second concept, I used warm colors and layers to create a more sentimental feeling and to evoke ideas of memory and nostalgia. I think that this is an element that I am missing in the first. As far as layout, however, I think that I have to either contain the illustration to the margins, or include something in the top left corner which also bleeds off of the page. I am planning on merging both concepts to hopefully humanize the first and to make the second more visually pleasing.


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