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Bon Chaz & Bon’s

This morning I went for breakfast Marisa and Nick at Bon’s! I hadn’t been in so long end despite the sweltering heat (in and outside the restaurant) the food was yummy as per usual. I met up with Adam later in the day and we had a coffee/tea date.

Dress and shoes were both thrifted at Goodwill in the states.


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pretty little patter of a seaport town

Our second day in the states involved more shopping and a yummy lunch by the water. I am posing in front of the cutest ice cream shop I think I have seen thus far; unfortunately, we were too full to actually buy any.

Some items that I scored in the amazing thrift shops on this trip include 3 pairs of black boots, a floral corduroy jumper, a 50’s style navy polka dot dress, and also some cute items to put in my etsy store (in progress). Definitely a success !

I am wearing a thrifted sweater vest, H&M shirt, thrifted skirt, and OU shoes.

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I always forget how much I miss countryside and open fields until I take a little break from Vancouver. Last week, my mom, her best friend and I took a trip into the states through Bellingham, Burlington, and to La Conner.  We hit up some quilting stores (mostly for them) and some thrift shops (mostly for me) and went to a casino (fun for everyone !) We ended up all playing the same slot machine and we won enough money to cover both our gambling and our dinner !

I am wearing a thrifted blouse, dress is thrifted as well but is Pins and Needles by UO, socks from H&M, and shoes from UO as well.

p.s. the adorable kitty in the first picture belongs to my parents’ neighbours , but wandered into our yard right before we left. I’m in love.

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move your body ’round this time machine

One of the best things about summer is, undoubtedly, the sun. And one of the best things about the sun is the influx of yard sales !

Lydia and I hadn’t had a solid adventure day in a while, so today had been a really great throwback. We hopped in the Contour (my lovely beast of a vehicle) and cruised East Van scouring for yards full of treasure. I picked up a floral skirt, sheer blue tank, some books, and a really great pair of 1960’s style sunnies. A successful day if I would say so myself !

This entire outfit was thrifted, courtesy of the amazing second hand stores in Abby.

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