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i’d be talking to bones in the ground

Chrissie White is someone who I’ve been following for a few years. I really love her ability to incorporate film, digital, and photoshop elements seamlessly in her work to create creative and interesting stories. Can you believe she was only born in 1993!?

When I first started looking at her work I was most intrigued by her self portraits, but now she has a really great collection of landscape, fashion, and portrait photos, among many others. I feel like there isn’t much that this talented little lady can’t do.











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won’t tie up my hair, wont get dressed too

Today was an early day at school. Thursdays are always the day that I have good intentions of getting up early and looking nice but never do. Oh well haha. After work tonight I am going out with friends to Hard Candy (best night ever!) I’m so stoked.

Last night Lydia and I decided to go busking for the second time to help fill out our wallets until payday. We made $18.78. It was fun, though, and my friend Leigh came out and took some pictures for us! Hopefully I’ll get a few of those and throw them on here.

I am wearing a thrifted lace shirt, thrifted skirt, Joe tights, thrifted boots and a thrifted cardigan. I didn’t actually realize how much thriftiness was here until now. lol.


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leave your house and home unhaunted

For the first few months after moving to Vancouver I felt like
I was in a very strange limbo. But after being here for over six months, it is
definitely beginning to feel like home.

I took these pictures a little while ago on a randomly sunny day when our house
was fairly clean. Sometimes it stays clean …


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with all your lies you’re still very lovable

Anna Wolf is an artist that I stumbled across a few weeks ago.
I came upon her website and could not stop looking at all of her stuff!
She flirts between different styles, some of her work is much more
glossy and commercial, some is very soft and romantic,
and some is more rough and collaged.

Maybe it is the combination of these elements that makes her work so enchanting.
Then again, maybe it is the beautiful people
(hello picture #3) …

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Felicity Design

I was really excited to hear from my friend Deanne last week! She has an Etsy store and a blog, both with a lovely vintage flair that I adore. Anyways, she asked if I wouldn’t mind helping her create a new logo and header as well as some branding for her accessories under the name Felicity Design. I finally had some free time today, and this is what I have come up with so far…

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so much past inside my present

Today was a good old classic Katie and Lydia day filled with window shopping, running across streets and stalking cute boys. We ventured over to Main street and went to Front & CompanyLace Embrace, and a few random vintage stores where we fawned over old frilly clothes and vintage hats. sigh. A highlight of the day was when we tried to take an “artistic reflection shot” in a clinic window and mid-photo realized it was a double sided window… most likely with people on the other side.

I am wearing a blazer that I thrifted for FIFTY CENTS in Bellingham (crazy, right?), a blouse and skirt from VV, over-the-knee socks from H&M and thrifted belt and shoes from Abby.





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pins and curls

Ive been enjoying a really lazy Sunday morning and afternoon. I rag curled my hair last night (thank you Hannah Metz!) which made getting ready this morning super easy!  A friend of Lydia’s from school is coming over soon and we are all going to be lazy together before I head to work.

I am wearing a dress that I thrifted ages ago in Abbotsford. My hat is from a thrift store in Mission, and the scarf was my Oma’s. Shoes are joe fresh from Superstore.

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