oh, oh! here we go again

Hello semester #2! I am very excited about my classes this term, but also pretty nervous. I am taking Typographic Communication, Drawing for Design, Ecological Perspectives in Design, and a third year Digital Imaging class. I am really stoked about the Type class, but I think it is going to be a very labor-intensive course. I am excited though to have more design oriented classes this semester. I have attended 3/4 (well 5, including the seminar) classes and am already in need of making lists. Here goes:

-Type assn1 due TUES: research contemporary type designers + rough draft(s) of original font
-pick up supplies for drawing class
-sketchbook assn1; overlay + experimentation w/ marker, conte crayon + lighter fluid
-print off course outline and schedule for SOCS
-buy SOCS texts (Okala @ bookstore, Coursepak @ Kinko’s)
-do SOCS reading + ‘journal’ entry

*tuition due Jan 21
*laundry needs to be done SOON
*we need produce, milk, tp


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