winter winds

Only two weeks left until the end of semester! I can’t believe how fast my first term in Vancouver has flown by. Thus begins the Final Week Project frenzy. The week following next, I have a final exam Tuesday, final DIVA project + Blog (this one!) due Wednesday, and my final sound project and digital portfolio due Thursday. Yikes. So heres the breakdown:

Final Exam for SOCS Cultural Theory: Reading and studying
DIVA Final Proj: An interactive website! This is a group project and has actually been super fun so far. We are creating a digital Choose Your Own Adventure story. To realize this we have created a website with interactive buttons, and are going to play animations (created in illustrator, animated using flash) on the different pages which you are redirected to depending on which button you press.
SOUND Final Project: I am going to use the form of pop songs to critique  modern pop music. I would like to draw attention to the vast amount of post-production that is evident in almost all pop music, and also to the emphasis that is placed on looks and sexuality to sell music as a product. To do so, I will use only pornographic sounds to create a song that  follows the form VCVCBC.
Digital Portfolio: Done using InDesign. Very excited about this program! It has improved greatly since using it as editor of the yearbook back in grade 11. Luckily I have already done documentation of most of my work, so it shouldn’t take me too long to create the portfolio. It helps that this program is wonderfully accessible!

Naturally, instead of working on homework tonight (despite all of these looming deadlines) I decided to go for a walk and take some pictures. It snowed today and was so beautiful but unfortunately I was in class all day. It was good practice taking pictures at night, however, because I am still not that good at it. These were edited a bit in photoshop, but I think they turned out nice.


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