Urban Intervention Final Project

My idea for this project changed quite a bit. I decided that I would go with a different idea, focusing on issues that I have been thinking about more recently. My focus for this piece was the human lust for consumption and our tendency to portray women as objects. These are both very large themes on their own, however I think that advertisement is steeped heavily in both of them. When I was thinking about this project I found it hard to remove the association with advertisement, as that is what vinyl cutting is most commonly used for. I tried to symbolize both of these themes within a simplistic image. I chose to position a female figure straddling a high heeled shoe so that her stance would be read literally as lust for consumerism; furthermore, it alludes to the advertising strategy that exploits the female body to sell a product. I put this up in a parking lot because car advertisements frequently use this advertisement technique. With my piece I am hoping to make people think about the advertisements that invade us subliminally, and challenge the ideas that they portray.


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