Google Earth Project Research

Two artists that work within the ideas of the Google Earth program or in Locative media are Christian Nold and Alfie Dennen. Christian Nold’s Bio Mapping is an interesting survey of the effect that one’s environment has on their emotions and mood. His use of the program allows us to easily visualize the relation between geography and physiology. This project is also an investigation into the use of “technical systems” which create and record data such as this; Nold explores the alternative idea of personal documentation of emotion, claiming that “[people] can make better sense of [their] own body data than a disinterested observer”. He feels that this project is important for making us aware of the role that technical systems play in the documentation of Western social data, and that hopefully this awareness will “change our own perception of ourselves from being at the mercy of these nearly invisible technical systems to becoming their masters”.

Alfie Dennen is another artist who works with Locative Media. He led the mass project Britglyph which was created to be the largest Geoglyph in the world. Dennen instructed participants across the United Kingdom to each take a rock or stone from where they lived and place it somewhere on the ground; these rocks were placed with regards to the large image that was to be created in the end. Participants were instructed to photograph themselves and the location in which their rocks were placed. These photos were sent to the website of this project to be documented within the piece. The image that was chosen to be represented was John Harrison’s chronometer. This was said to be chosen for it’s contributions in the creation longitudinal and latitudinal lines which made mapping possible.


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