Contrast Project CIGA 200

This project is another one which is based on the exploration of Photoshop. The premise for it involves merging two contrasting elements (figures, objects, etc.) into a cohesive image, as well as combining text into the piece. We were given several quotes to choose from, the one that I will be using is “Somebody who thinks logically is a nice contrast to the real world” (anonymous).

The concept that I’m exploring is our cultural obsession for technology and the isolation that it seems to bring us. However ‘connected’ we are with social networking, cellphones, the media etc., one could argue that our dependence on technology has subsequently forced us into being far less social in our ‘real’ surroundings. For example, how many times have you pulled out your cellphone while sitting next to someone on the bus to make it seem ‘less awkward’? How often do you find more than one television in a household so that everyone can watch (alone) their own program? Its just interesting to me how something like technology, which is greatly used as facilitation for keeping in touch, can have such adverse effects.

For this image I plan on using multiple images of myself (because I don’t have a model haha) and situating them on a couch. They will be dressed in black and will have mannequin heads (like the Styrofoam ones you see hats displayed on). Each figure will be doing something different, one with a remote for a television, one on a laptop, one on a cellphone etc. In the middle I will have a ‘normal’ figure who will be dressed in color. My idea for working the text into the piece is to make it appear as though it has been painted onto the wall behind the figures and couch, paint dripping and all. My hope is to make the image very black and white and desaturated excluding the main central figure to highlight the contrast.

This is a rough mock-up of the image so far:


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