Urban Intervention intro

The project: to create a vinyl cutting that will be situated somewhere around Emily Carr or Granville Island.

As I am approaching this project my main considerations surrounding the piece are the situational context and the meaning of vinyl cutting as a medium. Vinyl cutting was created as an aid in sign making; the use of vinyl graphics as an art form thus creates a dialog surrounding the use of signs and semiotics (the study of signs). The conscious choice of a medium such as this becomes an integral part of the work, as it is different from traditional mediums such as painting, drawing, and sculpture, etc. The decision to elevate the use of vinyl graphics into art should be considered as an unavoidable statement within the piece.

Also inexorably important to the meaning of the piece is the location. The decision to remove an ‘art piece’ from a conventional setting such as a gallery lends itself to become another statement about the work. Furthermore, this leads us to question what is to be considered art. In an age where we are both consciously and subconsciously bombarded with advertisements and signs, why should we consider a vinyl graphic, which was historically created to facilitate and assist these invasions, to be worthy of elevation to ‘art’? Also, how can an artist go successfully about either challenging and overcoming these stereotypes, or working within them?

I think that the medium and location are both integrally important in this project, and cannot be disregarded when developing the theme/idea. This is where I am at with this project thus far.


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